June 14, 2024

706 new connections to sewage network in Bahrain

A total of 706 new connections to the sewage network were activated during 2021, the Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning Ministry announced yesterday.

These additions connected homes and commercial buildings to the sewage network and were distributed in the four governorates.

“The delivery work was distributed in various residential blocks in the four governorates, most notably, Blocks 439 in West Riffa, 905 in East Riffa, 951 in Askar in the Southern Governorate, 816 in Jurdab, 425 in Gudaibiya, 411 in Al Musalla, 1038 in Hamad Town, 575 in Janabiya, and 236 in Samaheej in Muharraq,” a Ministry spokesperson explained, in a statement.

The ministry also reaffirmed that work is underway to connect all developed areas to the sewage network and move away from the use of septic tanks as far as possible, which would improve public hygiene.

Individuals, as well as private, government and civil organisations can submit requests online at www.works.gov.bh to have their facility connected to the sewage network.




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