June 14, 2024

Bahrain to celebrate World Health Day

The Kingdom of Bahrain will join the world in celebrating the World Health Day, which is observed annually on April 7 and sheds light every year on a key health issue touching all countries across the globe.

This year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) launched “Our Planet, Our Health” theme that highlights the preservation of the health of our planet and our societies and urges global attention towards cooperation on planet Earth and health.

The focus is on the close links between the planet and health, and the need for individuals, communities, governments and organisations around the world to share their stories about the steps they are taking to protect our planet and our health.


The World Health Day 2022 urges governments to give priority to human welfare and environmental stability in decision making. It also underlines the importance of implementing policies related to the production and use of clean energy, encouraging reduction of carbon, avoiding foods and drinks rich in salt, sugar and unhealthy fats, implementing policies to curb wasting food, fighting smoking, working out policies to reduce plastic waste and integrating psychological health in procedures and policies related to the environment to ensure the best response to climate change.





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