June 14, 2024

Gulf Radio and Television Festival honors media legends, celebrates achievements



The 2022 Gulf Radio and Television Festival launched its grand opening at Bahrain National Theatre, in the presence of senior guests and media representatives from all over the Gulf region.


Information Minister Ramzan bin Abdullah Al Nuaimi opened the ceremony with words of gratitude and appreciation to the guests and participants.


Bahrain is proud of hosting the festival with the presence of outstanding media professionals and artists with great contributions to the media landscape in the Gulf, the minister said.


“We look for further success in taking Gulf media production to advanced levels that keep it in line with the developments of the times and meet the aspirations of the GCC countries,” he said.


“It gives me a great pleasure to witness the ongoing success of this great event that highlights the strong bonds between the GCC countries in the media and to recognise the inspiring creativity and promising projects being rewarded for special accomplishments,” the minister said.


Thanking the organizers for their successful efforts, Al Nuaimi said the festival will remain a media forum of great value and lasting influence, and a platform through which thinkers and creative people meet to exchange experiences, enhance cooperation and honor the pioneers in recognition of their dedication and their role model for younger media generations.


“We look forward to this edition of the festival as a potent continuation of the achievements accomplished by the previous sessions, and that its activities and events will boost the Gulf media standards and empower it to overcoming various challenges,” the minister said.


Gulf Radio and television General Director and the festival’s Secretary-General Majri bin Mubarak Al Qahtani highlighted the event’s competitions, agenda, and the festival components.


“The competition features 300 radio and television productions and films to be assessed by 75 expert judges from the Gulf and Arab countries to ensure the highest standards of competition and justice,” Al Qahtani said.


“ًWe have the honor to recognize the merits and contributions of 26 media figures at this year’s festival. The festival seeks to present our future ambitious media figures with the opportunity to participate in different seminars and discussions that highlight modern topics in the world of Gulf and Arab media, exchange knowledge and further broaden our horizons.”


The minister and secretary-general presented awards to the media figures for their remarkable efforts and notable contributions in radio and television over the years.


“I am pleased to be awarded and recognized in the presence of my dear colleagues and partners here in the Kingdom as this event brought together many special figures in the field, exchanging their works and experiences as we celebrate this great festival,” Kuwaiti Author Bader Bouresli said.


The event shed light on Bahrain’s outstanding contributors, actors, and directors in the field as they shared their excitement and impression of the event ceremony.


“It is a great pleasure to come back and celebrate with our colleagues after all these years as this particular event is a major reason for the growth of the radio and television field in the GCC, preserving the great production and quality television for the audience,” Bahraini Actor Jamaan Alrowaiei said.


The ceremony included an operetta that paid rich and emotional tribute to the unity and rich culture of the GCC and Arab countries.


The festival will run until June 23 and will have daily television live broadcasts by official and sponsoring television stations and a daily magazine covering the festival’s activities.


Radio and television production companies from the Arab world compete along with film competitions that feature radio and TV shows produced by Gulf radio and television companies.


The festival features specialized seminars discussing contemporary media issues as well as a market for TV and radio programs and an exhibition of modern communication devices.





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