December 9, 2023

HM King opens first session of 6th Legislative Term

His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa patronised here today, in the presence of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, the first session of the sixth Legislative Term of the Shura and Representatives councils.

HM King Hamad was welcomed by Shura Council Chairman, Ali bin Saleh Al-Saleh, and MP, Lulwa Al-Romaihi, on arrival at the Isa Cultural Centre, accompanied by a constellation of police cavalry.

The National anthem was played and some holy Quran verses were recited.

Then, HM the King delivered the following keynote speech:

” In the name of God, the most Merciful, the most Compassionate,

Praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon Prophet Mohammed and his family and companions,

Distinguished Brothers and Sisters, Members of the National Assembly,

May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you,

With God’s blessing, we open this first session of the National Assembly in its sixth legislative term, moving forward with sincere national determination for greater achievement and contribution, so that your esteemed Assembly, in regular constitutional continuity, will undertake its duties and responsibility of national decision-making to serve our beloved Bahrain.

We thank God for life returning to normal, enabling us to meet you all in goodness and with affection.

It is with pleasure that we congratulate our brothers and sisters who succeeded in the recent legislative and municipal elections, and we commend the civilised and high-level professional performance that characterised the electoral process, thanking in particular all those who answered the call of duty and exercised their right to vote in the best way.

The free Bahraini elections have proven that the participation of male and female citizens in decision-making is an experience characterized by its stability and heritage.

Our country witnessed the first version of municipal elections almost a century ago, and has worked since then to enrich its march, and strengthen its constitutional institutions so as to advance its democratic experience filled with virtue and development.

Distinguished guests,

The rich march of your National Assembly is embarking on a new phase with priorities of the utmost importance, for which we direct the ongoing development of dialogue mechanisms and relations of constructive cooperation with the Executive authority to coordinate efforts and positions, in order to meet the aspirations of our honourable citizens, in a way that raises the ceiling of national contributions for the public interest.

The goal of protecting the common interest and deepening national unity will remain our main concern, and we assure everyone that we will not allow, in any way or form, the compromising of our system of values and traditions.

On our part we will adopt only what will gain the consensus of all, so that our country, with the help of God and the determination of its sons and daughters, will stand as a solid structure in the face of any intellectual invasion that contradicts the values of our tolerant Islamic law and sound human nature.

On this solid basis, from which we derive the inviolability of our national identity, we set out together to modernize and develop national performance with its organs, systems and services, which is undertaken with efficiency and competence by the esteemed government under the supervision of our Crown Prince and Prime Minister, our dear son, His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, and it is with pleasure that we commend his efforts, and express our support as he assumes responsibility for managing the work of the government at a time of global challenges requiring intensive work to increase the flexibility and speed of responses to every national requirement.

In this regard, we direct the continuation of governmental efforts to implement the Economic Recovery Plans and Fiscal Balance Programmes, and to highlight the results of the partnership with the private sector on diversifying the national economy, and the returns from investments on economic growth, as well as training and educational programmes adopted by the government to increase productivity and channelling all these results and positive returns onto living standards of the Bahraini family.

On this occasion, we refer to the recent successes of the oil and gas sector, embodied by new discoveries of natural gas, which is a promising achievement, and is consistent with the sector’s role in managing and investing natural resources and raising the general level of national prosperity.

Before your esteemed Assembly, we have previously noted the importance of financial and economic support programmes for citizens, given their great role in reducing economic burdens of various reasons. In this regard, we underline the need for such programmes to be further developed to raise their effectiveness in directing support to those who needs it, so as to meet the basic requirements of citizens and provide them with their full right to a dignified life.

In this context, we should not fail to express our satisfaction with efforts to develop services provided to citizens, and to increase the efficiency of administrative processes, develop national expertise and diversify job opportunities.

We are proud of the performance of Bahraini women and their influential and conspicuous contributions to the national renaissance, as well as the honourable achievements of the youth sector and their level of progress in public life. Among the most prominent illustrations of these are the recent government appointments, in addition to their distinction in many fields for which we congratulate them, and we direct further qualitative initiatives that raise the capacity of national contributions.

Distinguished guests,

Our country continues to fulfil its role in supporting its regional surroundings through its diplomatic and friendly initiatives and endeavours, so as to achieve the stability we deserve in the region and realise the hopes and aspirations of its peoples, with the participation of all concerned parties.

We continue our endeavours to reach a just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East based on the two-State solution to guarantee the legitimate rights of our Palestinian brothers to establish their independent State on their lands, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Here, we renew our sincere call for the cessation of the Russian-Ukrainian war, and for the start of serious negotiations to restore consensus between the two parties, in a manner that preserves their common interests and international peace and security.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is also keen to support international efforts to confront climate change, and we closely follow the resolutions and recommendations issued by the United Nations Climate Conferences, working to support and contribute to achieving their goals in restoring environmental balance and the sustainability of natural resources and equitable access to them.

Brothers and sisters,

Before concluding, we can only congratulate every national contribution from which our country derives its prestige and leadership, and we extend our deep appreciation to all those working in the fields of production and construction, especially the loyal protectors of the nation in our armed forces and security services, whom we salute for their dedication and standing as an impregnable barrier to protect our national fabric and the cohesion of our one Bahraini family.

In conclusion, we reiterate our wishes to your esteemed Assembly for a successful and renewed phase of giving, based on the experience and expertise gained, in order to achieve our aspirations together towards a promising future and a secure society, characterised by consensus, harmony, tolerance and high morals, which stems from the spirit of Bahrain and the essence of its civilizational richness.

May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.”

Then, Shura Council Chairman delivered a speech in which he extended to HM King Hamad, on behalf of the members of the bicameral National Assembly, deepest thanks and gratitude on opening the first session of the Sixth Legislative Term, inaugurating a new chapter in the kingdom’s advanced democratic process and fruitful national action, guided by HM the King’s wise directives and approach based on solid foundations that have contributed to optimising the nation’s achievements.

The Shura Chairman extended sincere congratulations to HM the King on the outstanding success of the 2022 parliamentary and municipal elections, praising the massive voter turnout during the polls, reflecting Bahrainis’ patriotism and keenness to exercise their democratic rights with responsibility.

He also extended heartfelt congratulations to HM the King and the Bahraini people on the National Day and the 23rd Anniversary of HM the King’s Accession to the Throne, praying to Allah the Almighty to bless HM the King with abundant health, happiness and long life.

The Shura Council Chairman indicated that Bahrain has attained prestigious wide-ranging achievements over the past two decades thanks to HM the King’s sound policies, becoming a role model in various fields.

He expressed the legislative branch’s deep pride in HM King Hamad’s support and directives that have paved the way for it to undertake its legislative and supervisory role to the fullest, praising the ongoing fruitful between the Legislature and the government, led by HRH the Crown Prince and Prime Minister.

Al-Saleh affirmed that the keynote speech delivered by HM the King constitutes a road map towards a brighter and more promising future, noting that based on the royal directives, the legislative branch will carry on consolidating the national values, principles and fundamentals, as well as preserving the kingdom’s social fabric, civilisational heritage, noble values, and all-inclusive national identity, as the best means to optimise the gains of the nation and the citizens.

He reiterated the legislative branch’s support for the Economic Recovery Plans, the Fiscal Balance programme, and effective initiatives launched led by the government, led by HRH the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, to diversify sources of income, support the national economy, have a positive impact on the living standards of families and meet the needs of the citizens.

He expressed pride in the sustainability of the kingdom’s renaissance across various field, particularly oil and gas, citing the recent natural gas discoveries which will strengthen the kingdom’s standing in this field.

He highlighted the legislative branch’s interest in updating laws that support the rights of Bahraini women, based on the royal directives, valuing highly the role played by Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, Wife of HM the King and President of the Supreme Council for Women, to advance Bahraini women.

The Shura Chairman also lauded the steady growth of youth sector in the kingdom, paying tribute to HM the King’s Representative for Humanitarian Work and Youth Affairs, His Highness Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, for the tremendous efforts he is making to increase youth’s achievements in all fields.

Al-Saleh also praised HM King Hamad’s creative initiatives to enhance the kingdom’s role in fostering the principles and values of peace, coexistence and tolerance, as well as calling for peaceful resolutions of crises, and building effective international partnerships.

In this regard, he affirmed that the kingdom’s legislative branch will continue activating the parliamentary diplomacy.

He also hailed HM the King’s call for GCC unity, and emphasis on the importance of commitment to GCC Supreme Council’s resolutions and the Al-Ula Declaration.

He also asserted the legislative branch’s support for efforts to achieve comprehensive peace, and just solution to the Palestinian cause, as well as confirm the right of the brotherly Palestinian people to establish their independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

The Shura Chairman also expressed pride in the dedicated efforts and sacrifices made by Bahrain’s brave servicemen in the Bahrain Defence Force, National Guard, the Ministry of Interior and all security authorities, valuing highly their dedication to defending the nation, and praying to Allah the Almighty to bless the souls of the late servicemen in eternal peace.

The Shura Council Chairman renewed loyalty and allegiance to HM King Hamad, wishing Bahrain further progress and prosperity, under HM the King’s leadership.










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