Meetings held with Tamkeen-supported enterprises

The Labour Fund “Tamkeen” is holding a series of meetings with several enterprises representing sectors that received support through recently-launched programs which aims to deliver greater impact for the national economy and respond to the changing market needs.The meetings which are in line with the national priorities and economic recovery plan featured representatives of enterprises across several sectors, including retail and personal services.This initiative is a part of Tamkeen’s continuous efforts to communicate with the enterprises of all economic sectors and sizes (micro, small, medium and large) in order to understand their future aspirations while also exploring how they can utilize   support in a number of areas, including training, investment, and expansion to achieve growth and greater economic impact.Tamkeen representatives met with several entrepreneurs, stressing the importance of constant communication with the private sector to understand their challenges and explore solutions through the utilization of the support programs to achieve the desired impact.

The attendees praised this proactive initiative, stressing the importance of enhancing collaboration opportunities that contribute to achieving strategic goals.

Founder of Kashta for Paper and Paper Products Haleema Ammar thanked Tamkeen for their efforts, describing the meetings as being fruitful.

“We we were able to meet with Tamkeen’s officials to explore solutions in line with the needs of the market. We learned and heard from various enterprises and projects within the Kingdom of Bahrain, which confirmed the willingness of Tamkeen’s management to explore and address the inquiries and challenges raised.”, she said.

he Chief Executive of Nawat Trading W.L.L. Hussain Sharaf praised Tamkeen’s transformation initiative, commending the team for their continued efforts to communicate with enterprises and include them in the development process.

, “Tamkeen has achieved an important milestone and is positively impacting the local economy through its recently launched programs. The meeting with Tamkeen’s team came at the right time, as we are now seeing even greater collaboration and cooperation with the private sector”, he said.

“We are working with various parties to further embrace digital transformation and eCommerce so that we can achieve strong and sustainable growth and have a positive impact on the national economy.”, he concluded.