April 13, 2024

About Company

The Arab Company for Mechanical Turning is an Egyptian joint stock company supporting national industries, established in 1969, and its first branch started in Shubra district. The expansion was made to the current headquarters in Mukhtar Abaza Street, Jisr El-Suez. To be able to provide the best services to its customers.

Our vision:
Staying on top of the competition to provide the best product at an appropriate price and provide all services to the Egyptian industry market and export to the international market.

Continuous development of the product level by keeping pace with all modern technologies and constantly training the company’s employees on the latest developments in industrial engineering, which may be reflected in the level of service.

The company is characterized by manufacturing spare parts for production lines, spare parts for factories, and the work of engineering services on sites.

The company follows the latest methods of reverse engineering and quality, and the best materials are used.

It does heat treatment in our factories, and the company has obtained the ISO 9001-2015 certificate.

The company is always interested in the development of the technical and scientific level for all employees of the company to keep pace with developments in the industry.


Our Website: www.arcogalal.com


Arab Company for Mechanical Turning
Arab Company for Mechanical Turning

Contact Details

02-01001033570 /02-01001033569
14 Mukhtar Abaza Street, Industrial Zone, Jisr El Suez, Cairo

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