April 13, 2024

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Duct Master Air channel Plant S.P.C is one of the most trusted sources for all heating, ventilation and air conditioning manufacturing and services in Egypt. We have been manufacturing, installing and servicing HVAC equipments for the past 19 years in Egypt, and the years of experience have provided us with an acute insight into the changing requirements of the clients. We prioritize client satisfaction over everything else and hope to surpass the client expectation with our diligent and quality work. Our success in the Egyptian market has prompted us to expand our services to Bahrain as well.

We manufacture and deal in a wide range of diffusers, flexible ducts, domestic and industrial air conditioners (central, package, split and window), and undertake complete HVAC designing projects. Our technicians and engineers are trained to calculate the heating and cooling requirements of any building/ establishment and provide customized solutions that befit the structural requirements.

Our Website:- www.ductmasterbh.com


Duct Master S.P.C.
Duct Master S.P.C.

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P.O.Box 26413, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

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