April 13, 2024

About Company

The idea of Olive Green Contracting was born when I observed my mother coordinating multiple companies and workers during the building of our new house and smoothly moving our whole family from one home to another, made me realize that there is a vulnerable human story behind every concrete wall and aluminum door in Bahrain. My studies as an engineer focused mainly on designing, planning and implementation of projects, but never on the customer experience.

Being on the other side of the table shed a light on the importance of the customer journey and experience. Whether it’s an entrepreneur starting a new business, a newly wedded couple building their new home or an expanding enterprise aiming to grow, we want to be invested in these important milestones and changes and strive to make these visions their best possible reality. We seek to be a part of your success story.

Our Website:- www.ogcbh.com


Olive Green Contracting
Olive Green Contracting

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Block 441, Road 4129, Bldg 840. North Sehla Kingdom of Bahrain

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