April 13, 2024

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The group Ramez is a trading and industrial group established in Arab world, with global spread, and a diverse activity, It began rising in the mid-eighties of the twentieth century in the Arab Gulf region, and then it expanded in Asia and Africa, to become one of the biggest competitors in the domains of retail sale and the distribution and production of consumer goods, the construction and real estate activity and Information Systems.
The group is characterized by the ability to grow and fast geographical spread, with its good reputation and being accepted by the popular and official circles in the countries in which it works.

An impeccable history:
The launch of our group began from the land of Saudi Arabia before more than thirty years, and the activity of the beginning was retail sale based on an economic formula to the effect: “Provide the largest selection of goods under one roof at the best price and appropriate quality, » What meets the needs of the largest segment of consumers and requirements.
So we have made remarkable success in record time. The strong growth was in sales volume with what we have received approval from customers and their confidence, our most important motivation to continue providing distinctive and diverse goods at reasonable prices, and the expansion of our activity, until now we have presence and penetration in many countries, and especially the Gulf Cooperation Council.
Over the past decades we have taken decisions about the expansion of the activities of the group, what we have from the experience, physical and human potential, we came along a stage in other fields beside the retail sale, including manufacturing, packaging, distribution and real estate investment and entrepreneurships.

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Ramez Group
Ramez Group

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