June 14, 2024

‘OlaHub’ online social gifting platform launches in Bahrain

‘OlaHub’, an online social gifting platform, has been launched in Bahrain by Gulf Future Business (GFB) in partnership with Olahub Jordan.

OlaHub introduces e-commerce within a social context. In addition to being able to buy for oneself, it keeps one connected with one’s family and friends to provide gifting options, as it’s the first platform that offers group gifting and brings socialising to online shopping.

This one-of-a-kind platform caters to both sellers and buyers. It allows showcasing a wide range of products and services in one place, as well as providing the best offers from a long list that covers all the needs of the modern family, including fashion, household products, cakes, flowers, entertainment, electronics, sports equipment, and many others.

E-commerce sector growth

This launch comes in line with the significant developments in the e-commerce sector in the kingdom, and the transformation of 86% of consumers to e-commerce since the beginning of the pandemic, according to a study by the international company Sitecore.

Ahmed Alhujairy, CEO of GFB, a professional service firm with extensive services offerings, has signed an agreement with Amjad Swais, CEO of Olahub Jordan.

OlaHub originated in Jordan and has achieved massive popularity. Its launch in Bahrain is part of a larger strategy that would eventually cover all the Mena region’s countries.

Unique experience

Amjad Swais, CEO of Olahub, expressed his enthusiasm at the launch of OlaHub in Bahrain, offering users and visitors with unique experiences when it comes to being updated with everything related to eCommerce in Bahrain, buying or gifting others.

It will provide the most up-to-date social and e-commerce solutions, enhancing the digital transformation of the commercial sector and supporting businesses. “The OlaHub team uses cutting-edge e-commerce technology and software, as well as social engineering, and is continually trying to improve the platform’s performance to meet the needs of both buyers and sellers,” according to Swais.

Customers can now access Olahub by visiting the website www.olahub.com and downloading the mobile application.




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