December 9, 2023

PROJECTS: Bahrain’s Ministry of Works receives 6 bids for village road design works

Bahrain’s Ministry of Works Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning (MOW) has received six bids for the engineering consultancy services contract for village road design works.

The bids were opened on 28 March 2022, according to a Bahrain Tender Board notice.

The commercial bids were submitted Pan Arab Consulting Engineers ($587,289); Tashreeq Engineering Company ($497,102), Saudi Tech. For Engineering Consultants ($739,497); Euro Group for Engineering Consultancy ($601,884); Dar SSH International Engineering ($900,410), and Egis International ($1,102,958).

“The tender for the design and infrastructure consultancy service was released on 19 September 2021 with bid submission deadline of 21 November 2021,” a source aware of the project details told Zawya Projects.

The bidders comprised of Tashreeq Engineering Company, Euro Group for Engineering Consultancy, Egis International, Ansari Engineering Services, Sanad Engineering, Phoenix Engineering Services, Urban Vision Co, Pan Arab Consulting Engineers, Saudi Tech for Engineering Consultants, Dheya Tawfiqi Engineering Consultancy Bureau and Dar SSH International Engineering.

The scope of the contract includes planning, design and tendering of village road works. The contract duration is for two years, and the overall project is slated for completion by December 2024.




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